It's Jason Aldean like you've never heard him before.

On the release day for his new album 9 (Nov. 22), the country sensation launched a three-part podcast fittingly titled, "9 - The Podcast." In it, the musician details the making of 9 in a way that drives at the heart of the album's creation. It also covers Aldean's early influences and subsequent success.

Narrated by Entourage actor Kevin Connolly, each episode offers a roughly 10-minute slice of the "We Back" singer's story. Starting with Aldean's first forays into country music, the podcast charts the musician's life before he became an entertainer and delves into how the singer achieved his unique style.

But perhaps the most exciting part of the show to music fans will be the podcast's third and final episode, wherein Aldean addresses the finer details of 9 with anecdotes about song selection and more. Not only that, but the singer also reveals the meaning behind several of the album's tunes.

Should one have any doubt as to the quality of the 9, the country star addresses the matter upfront in the episode mentioned above. Exuding satisfaction with the effort, the singer speaks to the skill of his band and outlines his creative perception.

"We've made enough albums over the years that I feel like when we're done with an album, we can listen to it, and I know," Aldean explains on the podcast. "I know, 'This record's pretty good.' Or I listen to it and go, 'Now that's a bad-ass record.'"

He continues, "When I listen to the new record, to me, it's probably the best album I've ever made, top to bottom. And it's one that I'm really proud of."

The musician has plenty of more reasons to celebrate. After all, his son Memphis just turned two years old, and he and his family are currently living in fellow singer Kane Brown's house. Not to mention that entertaining "Hometown Bar" parody Aldean recently undertook with Jimmy Fallon.

Listen to the complete podcast series here or directly below.

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