As Jimmie Allen took the stage in Chicago during a recent slot opening for Rascal Flatts, the crowd immediately starting cheering over his insane vocals, uplifting attitude...and his leather pants.

Yes, no one could ignore his red leather pants.

“These leather pants look cool when you are standing still,” laughed Allen during a backstage interview with Taste of Country.

However, the problems with the pants came up towards the end of his set, when Allen decided to take a nice stroll around the venue to get up close and personal with fans.

“Tonight, with these leather pants, I felt friction,” recounted Allen. “Next thing you know, my whole body and the inside of my thighs were very hot and I knew I needed to stop before I got charged with arson up in here, because I was about to set this whole place on fire.”

Well, alrighty then.

And while his leather pants almost got him in trouble, it’s all just part of the job for the Delaware native, who always is looking for ways to bring the very best show to his fans.

“These fans are taking time away from their family and spending money at our show to see us entertain them to support our own family,” says the Taste of Country RISER, who recently released the music video for his current single “Make Me Want To.”

“I feel like it's our job as entertainers when they come through the doors to have them forget all the struggles that they might be going through," he continues. "it's also our job to give them something of substance that they can carry beyond the concert and apply to their real life. So when you come to our show, you get a music concert and you get a sermon and motivation.”

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