Jordan Davis has said that writing his No. 1 hit "Take It From Me" with his brother, songwriter Jacob Davis, makes the song even more special to him. The brothers agree that, even out of all the songs they've co-written, this track was special right from the start.

To learn more about the story behind "Take It From Me," read on as the Davis brothers and co-writer Jason Gantt recall the day they created it.

Jason Gantt: I was up late that night looking for a track that I thought would be worthy of these guys, and when they got in there, I remember just pushing play and hoping for the best.

Jacob had a title. Jordan started rolling with the melody and the cadence. He already had half the chorus done within, like, 30 seconds of pushing play. So that was a blur.

Jacob Davis: I got this idea called "Take It From Me," and Jordan immediately said, "You mean like what PawPaw would say? Like, 'Take it from me, boys. This is how you do things.'" I was like, "What if we did it in a literal sense?"

By the way, I've already warned my wife that this was gonna be a part of the speech, but I had a girlfriend in college take one of my favorite T-shirts. It was a John Anderson shirt.

Me and Jordan have written a bunch of songs, but I don't remember ever having a flow like that day. The lyrics started writing themselves.

Jordan Davis: I definitely agree. Out of all the songs on Home State, this is by far one of the easiest. It was one of those songs where, it took us a little while to finally rein it in, but that was because we had so much content that fit everything. We finally got to the point where we were like, "I think this is done, man. We can sit here and keep swapping stuff out, but I think this feels good, and I think it's done."

But yeah. It was Jacob's idea, Jason had that track, and then I just kind of started rambling.

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