Justin Moore's daughter wants what for Christmas?

You might have heard of some strange gifts appearing underneath the tree at Christmastime, but possibly none of them are as peculiar as the one Moore's daughter is requesting this season. Well, peculiar considering the youngster has full use of her legs and doesn't require the mobility aid.

Indeed, the kid has asked for a pair of crutches this Christmas, forgoing the conventional presents kids may seek from Santa Clause. That's what the country singer behind "Why We Drink" and "Kinda Don't Care" told Taste of Country Nights before the 53rd CMA Awards last month.

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"[It's] the weirdest one, because they really haven't asked for a lot of big stuff, surprisingly," Moore explains. "But my oldest daughter wants a set of authentic crutches. Which is the strangest thing I've ever heard of a 10-year-old asking for? Or anyone, for that matter, any age."

He continues, "I have no idea where that came from. She doesn't want fake crutches. She wants, like, real crutches. It's just the strangest thing I've ever heard of. It's bizarre, right? I don't know what she's got in mind, there's no telling. They change with the wind blowing."

Maybe Moore's kids are just expressing their individuality. After all, the children of the veteran country star are already knee-deep into their own critiques regarding the best '90s hip-hop songs.

But let's hope that Moore doesn't end up needing the crutches himself, even though some may say "break a leg" in show business. As long as the singer sticks to physical activities such as his beloved yoga, it seems unlikely.

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