Kane Brown revisits a past broken heart in "Found You," but he's all smiles in the video as he finds greener pastures. The song is on the deluxe version of his self-titled debut album.

Brown admits in "Found You" that he'd be sitting in a same bar wishing his ex would come back if his friends didn't show up and take him to a house party. While he really didn't want to go, it's at this party where he meets his new love. Now with some added perspective, he sings: "Sometimes the finish line is just the start of something new / If I never lost her / Then I'd have never found you."

The three-minute clip includes views from the airplane, onstage and backstage as Brown gears up for a show. Whether he's walking the streets during the day or running around the stage at night, Brown is all smiles in the video.

Brown recently shared the stage with Brad Paisley during the CMA Awards where the two singers performed Paisley's new single, "Heaven South." "It's one of the greatest feelings in the world," Brown told Taste of Country about being asked to perform with Paisley.

The two singers had never met until days before the awards ceremony, when Paisley invited Brown to his house for a rehearsal. "You could tell he was really nervous, I was really nervous," Brown admits. "So once I started singing it, he got this huge relief over his face and he was like, 'I'm excited now.' He's a great guy, he really knows how to bring your nerves down and talk to you and just make you feel comfortable."

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