I am absolutely the world's worst at keeping in touch. I can come up with a million excuses, and that's all that they are, as to why I just don't have the time to send a message.

Hence the reason why I was blown away when I saw a friend of mine post something on Facebook about someone we had gone to school with. I had no idea that someone I had gone to school with was a light heavyweight champion MMA fighter.

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The memories I have of most people I grew up with are of all of us as kids. Skipping class to go hang out at the park, dirt lot soccer games, awkward school dances, braces...these are the things I think about.

It's hard to think of the people I went to school with as parents and regional managers, much less MMA champions. Yet, here we are.

I don't know that Lamont "KO King" Stafford would even remember me. It's been a long time and, again, I'm the world's worst at keeping in touch.

Out of respect for a man who could most definitely turn me into a blood soaked pretzel, I'll spare everyone any embarrassing stories.

What's the biggest surprise that came from the people you grew up with? Any one become a movie star or rock star? Maybe you went to elementary school with someone who grew up to be a politician, though I don't think it would be surprising. The political types seem like they would have always been the political type.

Leave us a comment and let us know.

I really need to get better at keeping in touch with people.

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