The lyrics to the new Keith Urban single ‘You Gonna Fly’ were penned by hot country duo the LoCash Cowboys — Preston Brust and Chris Lucas — along with fellow singer-songwriter Jaren Johnston of southern rock band American Bang. When the uplifting tune landed in the hands of Urban, the three writers were thrilled at the opportunity to have a song recorded by the singing superstar.

“Chris and I had just gotten signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and they wanted to hook us up with different writers for co-writes,” Brust tells Taste of Country. “One of the co-writers they thought would be cool to write with us was Jaren. The night before we wrote, I tried to research Jaren a little bit because I wanted to know what kind of style his band had. I found out that he’s a rocker. It was a really cool, fresh rock ‘n’ roll sound. I thought how cool would it be to write a song and get it on American Bang’s next album.”

“I began to think of lyrics and hooks and melodies that lent itself to the rock world,” continues Brust. “Meanwhile, Jaren had been listening to some LoCash Cowboys stuff and was probably trying to get a LoCash cut. I guess that’s what you get when you mix American Bang with Locash: a rockin’ Keith Urban song.”

“We walked into Jaren’s house, and the incense was burning,” Lucas recalls. “Not only that, but we all bonded immediately, and we were ready to write a hit.”

One, two, three, baby, don’t think twice / Just like that you got a brand-new life / Hop in this truck, run through the red lights / Yeah, where you wanna go, baby, name the town / We can go up north, we could head down south / Roll down the windows with the radio loud / Come on, turn it up, yeah / Start living your life on the double / Leave your troubles behind / You and me, we’re gonna be all right,” they wrote in the song’s opening lyrics.

“Jaren had this awesome idea about a blackbird with a broken wing, hiding from the world,” Brust adds. “He had worked out this idea for a song already. He had a hook and some of the lyrics for the hook. He played us the idea, and we were like, ‘Woah! That’s awesome!’ We ran with it, and we started filling in the blanks.”

You could be a blackbird on the country street / Hiding from the world with a broken wing / But you better believe / You gonna fly with me / And you could be a songbird from New Orleans / Scared of the rain, just as scared to sing / But you better believe / You gonna fly with me,” they wrote in lyrics of the song’s chorus.

“I never would have thought Keith was going to cut it, but we are so grateful that he did,” notes Lucas. “To hear Keith sing what all three of us were coming up with and feeling that day is amazing. It was a fun write, and we came out with a great song! Keith took it to a whole other level … now I never write without incense burning [laughs]!”

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