We've all been there before... you run into the restroom, do your business, reach for the TP, and nothing! AHHHH! Running out of toilet paper has to be the scariest first-world issue you can run across. You start to panic, look around for something that will do the job, and weigh your options. But fear no longer, the folks at Charmin are here to our rescue.

Introducing the new Texas-sized "Charmin Forever Roll." This roll is so big, they offer a special toilet paper holder for sale bundled with the rolls. Each roll clocks in with 1,700 2-ply sheets, for 185 square feet of hiney coverage. That's a roll that measures 12" across when brand new. You can buy just one roll, or you can buy a bundle starter pack with stand, or you can even get a quarterly subscription that renews and send new rolls to your house.

Credit: Charmin
Credit: Charmin

This is what Charmin says you need to know:

  • Go up to ONE MONTH before changing Charmin Forever Roll
  • Charmin Forever Roll is the same 2-ply Ultra Soft toilet paper
    you know and love
  • If you’re not satisfied with your Forever Roll, Charmin offers a
    30-Day money back guarantee*
  • Charmin Forever Roll ships FREE to the continental U.S.

When I heard about this, I figured it was just a gimmick and that the cost would not be comparable to just buying from the local grocery store. But I was wrong. The 3-pack starter kit that comes with a silver, floor stand holder, is only $29.97! A single roll will only set you back $9.99 with free shipping. One online reviewer called the Forever Roll a "game changer," while another user said it is the "best idea ever."

Interested in getting it for yourself? Click here to go to the Charmin Forever Roll website.

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