When you live in Amarillo, you're bound to be put in certain situations that are uncomfortable.

Luckily, the wonderful television show Parks & Recreation, which ended last year, can put things in perspective.

Here are some of the reaction you might have if you live in Amarillo, as told by the people of Pawnee, Indiana.

When you see someone from high school and have to act busy so you don't get caught in an awkward conversation:

Leslie Knope on the phone gif

When you check the weather and see 80 mph winds and a high of 90 degrees:

Ron Swanson this is my hell gif

When there's never anything to do on the weekends so you drink at home:

April drinking champagne gif

But then you find something to do and realize it's really redneck:

Ben I Think I Liked It gif

When someone from out of town thinks Amarillo sucks:

Andy Dwyer jerks gif

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