I am one of those people who always wonders what's "out there" every time I look up a the night sky. It's also a great way to realize your place in the grand scheme of things and with all that's going on these days it's a nice distraction.

Couple of weeks back we were treated to a great view of Jupiter and Saturn lining up to form the Christmas Star.

Well it turns out the stars, or should I say planets aren't quite done with us yet, Mercury makes it return to the night skies on the 10th (Sunday) and will form a triangle that most of us should be able to see without any telescopes. The best viewing should take place roughly 45 min past sunset looking towards the southwestern skies.

Don't worry alignments like these aren't harbingers of doom or anything like that. Just a chance for us to forget about the world for a while and wonder "what's out there" like our ancestors did.

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