Every year we complain about Christmas taking over stores all over town months in advance. This year, it looks like Halloween isn't going to let Christmas be the only holiday that starts early.

If you love spooky stuff, you need to know that Spirit is already in town.

Looks Like We Get Two Stores Again This Year

Last year was a little different when it came to Halloween shopping habits. Those of us who look forward to shopping for our favorite spooky holiday got used to shopping at one big store.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Two locations popped up last year.One was a little smaller, and a bigger one was located in the mall. This year looks to be the same setup.

Where Will Spirit Be Located This Year

There will be a Spirit back at Westgate Mall. It will be in the former Bealls location.

The other location is near Ollie's Bargain Outlet in Puckett Plaza on 34th and Bell.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Neither store has hours listed yet. The website just says, "coming soon."

Two Locations Is Better Than None

I was a little surprised when we had two locations pop up last year. I was worried that one wouldn't have a decent selection, and all of the cool stuff would only be found in the Westgate Mall store.

The smaller location had plenty to pick from. We picked up decorations, tee shirts, and costumes there last year. So it's definitely worth checking both spots to see what they have on hand.

It seemed like the smaller location, last year, didn't have as much in the way of big animatronics and yard decorations. That was fine since we don't go for that type of stuff.

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