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Scrolling through Facebook today, I came across a post in one of those Lubbock buying and selling-type groups that was a makeshift hiring ad for a local convenience store. I was very tempted to just share the post here, as is my chaotic nature, but I'm also a neutral and decided it didn't serve me best to call out this establish that directly.

I'll share the text of the post verbatim, grammar and punctuation mistakes intact, but without the distinguishing details:

I am needing some sales associate2-10 and overnight i need someone that wants to work not stand around there [sic] whole shift if u are needing a job n dont want to waste my time please apply at [redacted].

I'm actually not a grammar and punctuation snob, unless its the product of sheer laziness. The irony that this person wants a hard worker, but can't take the time to type out 'and' makes my eye twitch. As does the use of the wrong 'there,' but I would've let that slide otherwise. A person who wanted to present themselves as a professional also would not have used a run-on sentence and would have taken the time to capitalize and punctuate properly, but this person was likely on their phone and had other priorities.

Again, none of this is that big of a deal... except that they expect better from their employees. 

All that aside, the real issue here is that this hiring manger has already proved that they themselves have a terrible attitude and are likely deeply unpleasant to work with. Maybe they got burned by their last hire, but that's part of being a manager and also not any new hire's fault or problem.

I won't even go into $9/hour for overnights at what can be a very dangerous job.

I think the takeaway here is that if you are looking for great employees, you should present yourself as a great manager -- which this person very well may be. But they don't look like one here.

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