I was unaware that Henry Lee Lucas confessed to a 1975 Lubbock murder.

In episode no. 2 of The Confession Killer on Netflix, the cold open features family members talking about a murder that happened in the Hub City in 1975.

I was aware that Henry Lee Lucas was credited with a Brownfield murder, but I had not heard that Lucas had confessed to being involved in the case of Debra Sue Williamson.

Ultimately, due to the efforts of the family, it was determined that Lucas did not commit the Lubbock murder. In fact, the documentary shows that the family is responsible for unraveling a lot of Henry Lee Lucas's lies.

The Debra Sue Williamson case remains cold. If you'd like to know more,you can check out this Everything Lubbock story from a couple of years ago.

It's a bit morbid to have this connection between an infamous serial killer and Lubbock, but if it brings any possible new light or information to the case of Debra Sue Williamson, it could be helpful.

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