Luke Bryan is a very good sport. He visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show Tuesday (Sept. 27) and joined in on a new game titled "Oops! My Water Broke," in which DeGeneres and a diehard Bryan fan competed to see who could not douse Bryan in water balloons.

Bryan was seated in a chair while a contraption holding water balloons was above him. Almost like a game of Jenga, DeGeneres and Bryan's fan, Rachel, tried to slowly pull out sticks from the case holding the water balloons without the balloon dropping onto the singer.

"Y'all are going very fast. I thought y'all said this water was heated," Bryan said after quickly becoming the victim of a slow stream of water balloons hitting him. "It's pretty chilly."

After being hit with all the balloons, Bryan was all smiles and said he had fun despite being soaking wet. Rachel also got tickets to one of his shows, which made the game all the more fun seeing her reaction. Watch it all unfold in the video above.

Bryan also spoke with DeGeneres about his new meet and greet rules, where fans are advised not to touch his butt.

"So, was it really that much of a problem that everyone was grabbing your butt?" DeGeneres asked in disbelief.

"Yes, we had to start that one," he said. "Well, they'll sneak one in on ya... we've learned to understand it. It's country music, we make the fans happy."

Bryan would later go on to perform his energetic new single, "Move," but all the while DeGeneres must have been thinking about those meet and greet rules. After his performance she went to the stage to thank him while grabbing his butt. Bryan was all smiles, while DeGeneres no doubt had every fan jealous.

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