Luke Bryan really outdid himself this Christmas, giving his wife, Caroline, the most unexpected Christmas gift imaginable.

If you're guessing something really exotic like a Mercedes ... nope, not even close. A lavish trip to London? Sorry, no. A safari? Closer, but still no dice. But if you guessed "two small kangaroos in a cloth bag," then you win!

Click on the video above to see the tousled-haired superstar surprise Caroline during their family Christmas, which he captured on cell phone video that he shared to Instagram. Caroline has been working hard this year on a special project called Brett's Barn, named in honor of Sadie Brett, the couple's baby niece who succumbed to heart and organ troubles earlier this year. Caroline promised Brett a white pony shortly after she was born, and she's been channeling that promise into Brett's Barn with an eye toward partnering with local charities to bring kids out to see the animals.

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In the video, Bryan has Caroline blindfolded while he presents her with a bag that, unbeknownst to her, contains two very small kangaroos, joking that he got her "two designer purses." When she removes the blindfold and sees what her gift actually is, she's absolutely floored, screaming, "Oh my god! Where did you get these? Where do they come from?"

The growing menagerie at Brett's Barn also includes a goat named Little Luke, a pig named Jimmy Dean, two mini horses named Bumble and Kilo (Kilo is a white pony) and another goat named Goober Goldsby, or GG for short.

Bryan's family also welcomed an adorable new puppy this Christmas, and Bryan no doubt spent part of Christmas Eve making chili dogs with his mom, LeClaire, which he recently revealed is their Christmas tradition.

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