I will never in my life understand the cruelty of people.  However, even more so I will never understand how a child can become so sadistic.  Two teen girls, 17-year old Lauren Bush and an unnamed 15-year old girl,  have been charged with the abuse of a 16-year old autistic boy.  The charges will disturb you.

I cannot even begin to fathom what would possess someone to do something so heinous.  My heart goes out to this boy.  I'm sure he is terrified, hurt, confused, and completely devastated and the worst thing about it, is he probably doesn't understand why.  If something like this happened to my child I honestly do not know how I would handle it.

I truly hope these girls get the help they need and the punishment they deserve.  These are the stories where I wish that the punishment could fit the crime.  Then I realize it isn't my place to judge.


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