Obesity is an epidemic, and it seems as if Texas is in the middle of the epidemic.  Obesity has become one of the most profitable things in the United States.  Just look at all the new prescriptions available to help people lose weight.  All the fad diets and supplements that promise you can lose 30 pounds in three days.  Obesity is a money maker.

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No person starts their life thinking, I want to be overweight.  Not all overweight people are lazy.  Most try to eat healthy and get exercise in, but unfortunately, the weight just doesn't move.  Others, it's not affordable to eat healthily.  We live in a world where junk food and unhealthy food is some of the cheapest on the planet, and healthy food, is the most expensive.

It's no wonder 42% of the US is obese.

The fact is that obesity makes money, and those who make the money want the world to be fat.   With that said, the most obese city in the United States is Texas.

McAllen, Texas


The area in McAllen currently has the highest share of overweight adults.   It also has the highest share of adults who do not exercise.  McAllen is located in south Texas and has a population of about 144,000.

Other Texas cities that made the list:

  • San Antonio: #21
  • Dallas: #25
  • El Paso: #27
  • Houston: #49
  • Austin: #66

This study looked at the top 100 cities for obesity.   Jackson, Mississippi, and Shreveport, Louisana were not far behind McAllen, Texas.

Source: Most Overweight and Obese Cities in the U.S. (2024)

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