On Thursday I had the opportunity to talk to lead singer of the Eli Young Band, Mike Eli.  He was at home spending time with his wife and their dogs while enjoying some time away from the road. Eli told me that he and the rest of the Eli Young Band while they have been busy, "We're feeling pretty good."

Even before the success of their single 'Crazy Girl' and the release of their latest album "Life At Best" the Eli Young Band have been going nonstop.  But with the holiday season upon us, things are slowing down for the band so they can enjoy some time off.

But there's something else that Mike Eli has to do before the year ends and I'm not talking about his ever growing Honey Do list.  He and Randy Rogers have three acoustic shows to do in three days.

They will start the tour at the Midnight Rodeo in Amarillo, TX on Wednesday, December 21.   Then make their way south to Denim and Diamonds in Wichita Falls, TX  on Thursday, December 22.  And they'll wrap up their acoustic show at the Casa Blanca Ballroom in Laredo, TX on Friday, December 23.

Listen to my phone conversation with Mike Eli and find out what he plans to do for Christmas and why his honey do list isn't getting smaller.

McWilley: Did you or any of the other guys in the band think that Crazy Girl would do so well?
Eli: We hoped for it, but you never really know.

McWilley: Have you guys been going nonstop the whole year?
Eli: Pretty much. My dogs forget what I look like.

McWilley: Do you have any holiday traditions?
Eli: My wife and I just got married a year and half ago or so. So Christmas is kind of being redefined.

McWilley: So how did this acoustic show come together?
Eli: Well Randy and I have been wanting to an acoustic run for a long time.