Just in case there aren't enough computer-generated horses in your life, Minecraft has you covered with its next update.

While there are just about a million new things* in the upcoming Minecraft update, if you like horses your life will be pretty set. It seems that Mojang and 4J Studios have been hard at work fixing things up and adding on player requested items to their Minecraft title. Minecraft's Title Update 19 for Xbox 360 will feature twenty-two new items, seven new mobs, and nineteen tweaks, additions and fixes. But mostly, Title Update 19 will feature horses. Lots and lots of horses. Because, in reality, who cares about pigs? There will be new terrain, new game and host options, new death messages, new interfaces, and many new fixes, but most importantly there will be more horses.

Title 19 has arrived on Xbox 360 today so that you can get some serious horse riding activities in before the holidays.

*Note: This is just a guesstimate and does not, in fact, truly reflect the number of new things in the upcoming Title Update 19.

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