Miranda Lambert will meet the soldier whose heartfelt sign made her break down in tears last Friday night (Aug. 19) in Hartford, Conn.

Lambert was singing the first verse of "The House That Built Me" when she spotted Jeff Tudisca's handmade sign in the crowd. "3 combat tours. [Your] voice was the last thing I listened to EVERY NIGHT! THANK YOU!!!" the message read.

Tudisca was standing in the pit of the show at the Xfinity Center in Conn. Upon learning that the soldier has never met Lambert, a local radio deejay worked to set up a meet and greet between the two, which is set to take place this Friday (Aug. 26) at Gillette Stadium.

In an interview with Broadway's Electric Barnyard, Tudisca admits that while he's excited to meet the country music superstar, he's not quite sure what he'll say to her ... and hopes the both of them can hold it together. Several fan videos show both Tudisca and Lambert crying in the moment that she showed his powerful sign to the full crowd last week.

She eventually propped the poster up near her microphone stand while attempting to finish "The House That Built Me," but couldn't pull through. “Second verse, I gotta get a drink. Y’all, I gotta do it,” Lambert says in one clip.

After a swig of her drink, she requested that the audience take over and complete the song for her.

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