It was something a lot of people mentioned to me when I first moved to Amarillo. There are a lot of people from California making their way out to Texas. This new study shows that's actually pretty true.

According to the 2019 Texas Relocation Report published by Texas Realtors, over 86,000 people from California moved to Texas last year. That made it the state with the most people moving in to the Lone Star State.

The top five states also include Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and New York.

It's not that hard to imagine. Just visit the Amarillo subreddit sometime and look through all of the "I'm moving to Amarillo" posts. There's a steady stream of them.

And yes, some of those posts are from people moving here from California.

Some news reports point to the cheaper cost of real estate and job opportunities in the state of Texas as being the reasons for the exodus from Cali to Texas.

On the report, you can look for Randall and Potter counties to see where we land in the report. The interesting thing is that most people left Potter for Randall, and left Randall for Lubbock County.

Check out the report for yourself, and let's try to be kind to our new neighbors.

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