The NFL Draft -- where dreams come true, soon-to-be millionaires are made and mammoth 20-something athletes bawl like babies.

The draft takes place this week and whether you're the top overall pick or Mr. Irrelevant, the thrill of making it to this point is beyond description. Actually having an NFL team select you is not something most people in the world can say, so it's easy to appreciate the range of feelings players experience when they hear their name.

And while each class offers its fair share of hall-of-famers, hidden jewels and busts, on this day the future is as bright as the diamonds on a Super Bowl ring. And sometimes the careers in the league last as long as the time it takes to announce their name (see Michael Sam, who didn't make a dent on the field, but is a pioneer after becoming the first openly gay player drafted into the league).

So, enjoy the tears of joy as these players see the first part of their dreams realized -- next up, securing a big contract, becoming an All-Pro, winning a Super Bowl and getting fitted for their jackets when Canton comes calling.

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