Christmas Time is here so 'tis the season to be jolly. Christmas music is a staple in our world this time of year, it's everywhere.  Most Texans love to listen to the holly jolly music.

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Everyone has their favorite Christmas song.  What one person love's another person hates.  Take, for instance, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, you either love the song, or have a deep-seated hatred.   Last Christmas is also polarizing as is Wonderful Christmas time.

A recent study was conducted to determine the most popular Christmas song for each state.   They used information from Google and Billboard charts to determine what Christmas song is the most popular in each state.

Texas' most popular Christmas song is...drum roll...

Feliz Navidad

This is one of those songs that is fun to sing along to when celebrating the Christmas season.

The Most Popular Christmas Song in Each State

Tis the season for Christmas music and every state has its favorite song.

Gallery Credit: Lori Crofford

What do you think about the list, did this study get it right? If you start looking at each state, some of the songs might seem a little off for the most popular Christmas song. One would think New Jersey would have Santa Claus is Coming to Town just because of Bruce Springsteen. In Hawaii, one would think that its song would have been Mele Kalimaka instead of Last Christmas.

Did this study get it right?

SOURCE: Finance Buzz The Most Popular Christmas Songs in Each State [2023]

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