I would find some tannerite or a blow torch or a nuclear bomb if I ran across this hell on Earth.

Arkansas resident, Zach Riggs, ran across this spot of tetragnatha spiders. Their blanket of a web was covering road signs and construction equipment on Highway 230 outside of Bono, Arkansas according to fox4news.com.

Yeah...I'm gonna give this a big fat Hell No!!

The article notes that spiders will build massive nests for mating, especially if it's hot and humid. This was captured on November 6. I don't think it was very hot or humid that day anywhere.

I'm just thinking that I have never had a spider nightmare that was this bad. And he puts his hand close to the eight legged freaks and let's them crawl on his hand. Mr. Riggs, you are a braver man than I.

I can't stop the body shivers just thinking about this. Ugh!

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