I am one of those who if there is a project I can take on at home, I will. I like to save money when I can. I also don't mind hiring the professionals to take care of the stuff I can't.

There is one service I started paying for over ten years ago that I will happily pay to have done. I have an exterminator come out once every quarter to spray my house. I know there are a lot of people who will just go to Walmart and buy the stuff and do it themselves.

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Ok, that is good. I guess. I just hate bugs. I mean I really hate bugs. I am not a scream like a girl kind of girl when I see one. I will be the first to go and squish a spider with no problems. The ones that get me are roaches.

I Am Not a Girly Girl When it Comes to Bugs

I can't handle them. I still don't go running like a girl. I don't but they are not ones that I would invite into my house. If I can avoid having them in my house at whatever the cost I will do it.

I know the stuff that my exterminator uses is more powerful than what I can pick up at Home Depot. That is really my motivation. I want those suckers dead. I have not seen a roach or a spider in my house in all of the years I have had someone come out and spray.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

It is worth it to me. I call my guy when I move from one house to another. I moved into one house temporarily. I had my guy come out and spray before I moved into my rental for a month. Once my new home was ready again I had my guy spray.

Another thing about having a bug guy, I guess you can say, is that they can let you know if problems arise. They will be the first to notice if you have bigger issues. They can tell you if they see telltale signs of a problem infestation that you may not notice.

This is something I will most definitely keep up with. Those bugs are not allowed inside my home. To me not ever seeing one is worth the expense to me.

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