We have officially made it to the summer months. You may have slacked a little this spring getting your planting done. It's not too late. You can still head out and find some nice flowers, and some nice bushes, and get some great advice on getting a green yard.

We really are fortunate here in Amarillo to have a lot of great knowledgeable places to help you on your way. Don't be shy. Ask the experts because that is what they are here for. They know what grows great in our area. They can help you on a regimen to make sure you have the greenest grass on your block.

Where to Go to Get Great Plants and Advice

Take some time and do your research but show up with your questions.

  • Coulter Gardens - 4200 Coulter Street
  • Double D Nursery - 12460 S Georgia
  • Jeff's Greenhouses - 3622 SW 45th
  • Love & Son Nursery 0 7525 S Soncy Rd
  • Panhandle Greenhouses - 11900 S Washington
  • Pete's Greenhouse - 7300 Canyon Drive

There are other places to buy your plants in Amarillo but there are advantages to shopping at a nursery. The plants just tend to be healthier. Healthier plants last longer. They end up travelling a shorter distance from the grower. A shorter travel time makes for better plants all around. They are not stuck in a truck in the extreme heat for as long.

Flowers and plants tend to be less expensive. This is in part to the shorter travel time so the shipping tends to be less. Heck, the plants are just better looking in the long run.

Buying local plants usually mean that they last longer. Who doesn't want that? So when you are making your plans to get out and brighten up your yard with some beautiful flowers and plants don't forget where you go is important to your success.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is an oasis in the High Plans. If you haven't already been to this beautiful place, be sure to pop in for a visit. You'll fall in love with the beauty and color given by this place.

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