Now, more than ever, we could use some ways to save a few dollars here in the Texas panhandle. For many of our friends and family, they have been struggling during the pandemic to find work and get ahead financially. When I hear of a way we can all save a few dollars, it is something that I can't wait to share with you!

The Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council has introduced the free "Amarillo Panhandle Pass" app. Think of it as a digital coupon book that gives you discounts on entry to attractions, freebies, and perks at bars and restaurants. If you are in need of a local hotel room, there are also discounts available for those as well. Once redeemed, you can easily access you pass via text, email, or on the app. The pass will guide your through the Panhandle based on your location, so you never have to worry about your next stop or wasting time.

To get started, visit I was unable to locate the app in my Apple App Store, but you can get connected at the website listed above.

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