Ditch the curly Q's and gallon tubs... there is a new ice cream in town!

The hottest trend in the sweet treats world has got to be ice cream rolls! If you are a foodie or love checking out what trending on Instagram you probably already know what it means. If not, let us break it down. (or roll it up)

Basically, you take fresh cream or yogurt and pour in on a flat surface that is 20 degrees or lower. When the liquid meets the cold surface tiny little ice crystals start to form. Once the crystals have formed they use something like that resembles an ice scraper to push across the cold surface to form the ice cream into rolls. producing the healthiest, freshest, way to eat ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Sweet Charlies is the leader in the ice cream roll industry and they will open up their Amarillo location in the Townsquare Village in late may.

If anyone remembers FrazzleBerry... you know Sweet Charlies will be a HUGE success. Amarillo loves our ice cream!

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