It looks like we have another reason to hang up on numbers we don't know, earlier today APD made the case that they do not call people about warrants or to collect fines

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The Department made that very clear on social media earlier today

Then again this is nothing new here in the panhandle and yes we have seen this before. It wasn't too long ago that the Potter County Sheriff's Office was warning people about a jury duty scam.

Spoofing makes it real

What makes all this so convincing for most of us here before we pick up the call is they manage to make the number an 806 area code or worse with the Potter County one a few months back use the actual non emergency line. Then you pick up and realize that it's total BS when you get a computer voice giving you the goods in broken up badly translated English.

Just Hang Up and Call Back

By this point when you realize its gibberish just treat it that way. Even if it's a real person the clues are obvious, if they say their name is "John" and they sound like they might be from Timbuktu... it's definitely not legit. Call the actual APD number from their own website and speak to someone locally to verify.

These scams come and go and unfortunately there are those who fall victim to them each time but a little common sense goes a long way. Treat them like robo calls. That's all that they are.

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