Ok, Let me be the first to admit that there is nothing I love more than a good trip to Texas Roadhouse. I'll be the first to say that I've been to plenty of steakhouses at all kinds of price ranges and each has their points for what they do. but value for value the ol' roadhouse ain't bad. plus anyone who goes knows that those yeast rolls with cinnamon butter should come with a warning because they are addicting. I've ruined a few meals there on that alone

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Who the heck is Texas Roadhouses?



Sadly someone is using my beloved Texas Roadhouse as part of their scam. Yep, there's a Facebook post circulating around offering free meals for two when you click and sign up. and like any good scam they ask for a lot more info than they should and make some pretty interesting promises for a voucher. But take a look at that spelling... there's a dead giveaway something ain't right.

The fake post goes a little something like this:

Meal for two with drinks voucher offer for everyone!


I’m Gerald L. Morgan, CEO of texas roadhouses. I know times have been tough so to help everyone out I have a special surprise for everyone who shares&comments then. Every person who does this by Sep 30th can get a voucher. Each voucher can be used at any texas roadhouses restaurant to get a meal for two with drinks!

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It should be pretty obvious with the bad spelling of Texas Roadhouses but sometimes you just need a good reminder that sometimes something you see on the internet may not be true. except this article... yep. this one right here will save you a lot of frustration when you go expecting a free meal.

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