So it took me a bit to calm down so I could write this story. I experienced something the other night that I have never have before and to be honest I am OK if I never again.

I just got home from visiting my daughter and the first thing I did was to make sure my animals were all great and well fed. They were. I had bought my dogs these awesome feeders to make sure they had food. I will tell you more about that at a later time. So they were all set with food and water.

I went in and checked on my cat and she was good to go as well. I cleaned her litter boxes (yes she has two) and started unpacking my suitcase. After a bit I decided the dogs should go outside one last time so they were set for the night.

They weren't out but a bit before I heard them going crazy. I mean like an intruder in the alley crazy. They don't bark unless there is a reason. So I head outside. They are barking up a huge tree in my yard. I look up there but see nothing. They calmed down for a bit and I went to go get ready for bed.

That means I took my contacts out. All of a sudden they go crazy again. I rush outside and I see them attacking SOMETHING. I don't know what that something is because like I said I took my contacts out. Was it a cat? Was it a small dog? I really couldn't tell.....but I was freaking out.

I ran in to get my glasses and a flashlight....because all I could see was my 2 dogs teaming up on whatever this was.

This is what I saw when I got back outside.

credit: Melissa Bartlett
credit: Melissa Bartlett

A possum! I will be the first to tell you that I have NEVER seen one in person before. Never in all my years in Texas has one made its way into my yard. I have read about others encountering this....but a first for me.

I was so happy that it made its way back into another one of my trees. I was able to get my dogs on a leash and drag them inside. I thought I would have to call Animal Control the next day.

My thoughts were that my dogs injured it pretty bad and it would not leave my yard or that tree. Luckily the next morning when I went was gone. My dogs went outside and didn't act all crazy. So this random possum left. I was happy.

All I could think is I was so happy this happened when I was home and not while I was on vacation. As much as I hated witnessing this creature in person and it's meanness. I can only imagine how I would have reacted finding it's dead body in may backyard upon arrival.

Have you ever found a possum in your yard? Comment below.

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