There's something that has been bothering me for some time and it's been building up and building up and it's just time to get things out in the open. It just seems that we've gotten into this horrible feedback loop with COVID-19 where it's becoming the same monotonous story every single day.

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There's vaccine news this, mask mandates that, what's going on in schools and plenty of opinions to go around and every one of them falls into a few distinct categories and everyone feels that they are 100 percent right and there's simply no room for any kind of debate or exchange of ideas without conflict or jeopardizing relationships. Here's what I'm noticing.... we're getting sick of it. no matter what side we're on and there are a few folks out there who aren't helping

The 100% Against

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There's simply no point in arguing with this person. They preach the science that fits their narrative and they are 100% right and you're 100% wrong and if you have information that is contrary it is simply wrong no matter how credible the source. They won't take the shot because they feel they must stick to their science. There are a few folks in this crowd who you can see the cracks and know they will but to save face they have to argue no matter what.

The Deep Conspiracy


I like this person simply because I can't be this creative in my own life. There is a tracking chip, GPS chip, Insert whatever flavor of the week pops up and it does change, I have two people I know who have found a new reason each time it's come up. My personal favorite is the group who feels that they can even bank off of not getting vaccinated to later sell blood or other bodily fluids... yes.. THOSE body fluids as they have stayed "pure." like some eugenics project that harkens back to work done in the 1930s and 1940s.

I Have the Right to Refuse because 'Mericuh!!!!

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Ok. This one I totally get, everyone has the right to do what they feel is right for them. In a free society choices are are welcome and debate on those choices is perfectly healthy. I have the right to walk in front of a truck if I want to. But most folks in society would grab me before I were to ever step foot out in the roadway. It's a grim comparison but it works. I'm not singling out MAGA folks because it's not entirely on them. There are those who protest against employer mandates or anti mask mandates.  Again, in a healthy society that's all fine and acceptable

What's not acceptable is when folks start shoving their beliefs down other peoples throats, that there's no room to change your mind and it may sway someone who's on the fence and genuinely hasn't made their own mind up with their own logic and reasoning. What I'm trying to get to here is that good or bad, it's okay to change your mind. it's okay to not listen to the narratives, it's okay to not listen to buzz and make your own decisions on what you do with your health. If you don't want the shot and you have legitimate reasons it's fine. if you do and decide you don't that's fine too.

Do what you want to do, and keep that decision to yourself. Rather than preach the gospel according to you. Leave it be. Let others make their choices as you would want them to extend that courtesy to you. But don't rip someone apart for the choices they make or tell them to stuff if simply because their thought processes and yours don't line up. It's okay to be disagreeable and still maintain those relationships.

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