Bills are something that we can't live without. Buying a car maybe even new furniture for your house, even having a cell phone is a bill now days. What if you could pay those unwanted bills with your cell phone by just taking a picture.

Now area residents with smart phones can now pay a bills by submitting a picture of it. First Financial Bank is the first chain in the US to offer this service for residents with iPhones or androids, they can go get signed up at the branch in Hereford.

First Financial Bank says many customers were asking for this bill pay option so they set out to find a way. Coming up with this was the best way, also the bank says all you  do is download their app, take a picture of your bill, and enter an amount then hit okay.

decaturchamber @ Flickr
decaturchamber @ Flickr









40% of First Financials banking customers have subscribed to this new method, and haven't been any complaints on this new way to pay your bills. Protecting your personal information, is always key and they use an IT security, firewall software, and device fingerprinting to make sure your information is safe. Their are new ideas for technology everyday and this one is taking it a step further

Would this be a useful feature if your bank made it available to you?

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