After exploring "The Big Cave" marked on the trail map at Palo Duro Canyon, I knew there had to be more. While it was fun, it wasn't what I had seen described on message boards.

I went back, and I found one of Palo Duro Canyon's many "hidden" caves.

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The Hidden Parking Lot And Hidden Path...

...aren't really that hidden. It's the small parking lot up a tiny hill where people go to take family and wedding photos. So, you won't be looking for something covered by wild grass.

If you get away from the area where everyone takes family photos, you'll start stumbling upon some interesting sights.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Narrow Passages And Caves In Palo Duro Canyon

All along the canyon wall near the path are areas that seem like potential openings for caves. The first one I investigated turned out to be nothing more than a narrow passage. It was still a fun walk up, and the views were incredible.

Eventually, I came to the "hidden" cave...just as a family was walking out of it. I suppose the "hidden" description is there because there are no clear markings that it exists.

What To Take With You, And What To Keep In Mind

First, you need to remember your capabilities. Exploring these things does require some climbing and squeezing through tight spots. Also, keep in mind that animals are real, and you probably don't want to sneak up on any.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

Second, take a flashlight. While most cellphones have a flashlight function, mine wasn't bright enough to clearly light my way. A flashlight does a fantastic job.

Lastly, respect the canyon. Leave it how you found it. It's beautiful the way it is. Don't leave your trash, and don't scribe your undying love for someone you're just going to break up with on the rocks.

Have some class, and enjoy the caves. Check out this photo tour...

Take A Quick Look Inside One Of Palo Duro Canyon's Caves

Check Out These Photos Of The Hidden Cave In Palo Duro Canyon.

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