The title track from the Pistol Annies' Nov. 2 album Interstate Gospel plays cleverly with Biblical references from both the old and new testaments ("Jesus is the bread of life, without Him you're toast," and "Even ol' Moses was a basket case"), giving a little spin to what would otherwise be a straightforward praise song.

However, in a video showing off the trio singing the song acoustically, one barely notices the lyrical twists at all, as Miranda LambertAngaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe's voices meld into pure, sweet harmonies fully taking over the spotlight. Filmed in an intimate circle, the three vocalists strum guitars and run through the tune easily, proving that they are truly a trio made in heaven.

Interstate Gospel marks the Annies' first album in five years, with several songs The group performed their first official show in seven years on Oct. 25 at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium, playing all of their past hits to an enthusiastic crowd.

Future shows are scant to date: They're scheduled to play the Town Hall in New York City on Nov. 2, the day the album is released, then will perform at the Novo in Los Angeles on Nov. 7.

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