On Wednesday, March 7th the Potter County Sheriff's Department will be holding a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new facility.

After a county-wide facility needs assessment, officials decided the most critical thing for their county was to replace the building housing for the Sheriff's Department.

After years of hard work, saving tax dollars, and fundraising the day had finally come in November of 2016 when construction started and this local asset started to come to fruition.

On March 7th, at 10:00 a.m., Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas will have the honor of cutting the ribbon on a new $12.4 Million state-of-the-art "Law Enforcement Complex" at 13100 NE 29th.

After refreshments, brief speeches, and recognition's you will be able to take a tour of the new facilities.

FUN FACT: In the current Potter County Sheriff Department, many of the cubicles and offices in use were actually jail sells in the towns earlier days.

If you live in potter country, officials would love for you and your family to join. To learn more about this event click here.

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