Blake Shelton is known for putting on a killer country concert. But his most recent was particularly special.

Over the weekend, he performed at the Off The Rails Music Festival in Frisco, Texas.

The crowd went crazy when Shelton brought up country music legend Randy Travis on stage. Travis suffered a debilitating stroke in 2013 and has not been on the stage since then. Until now.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is Randy Travis. You tell me miracles can’t happen. You’re looking at one right here, man,” Shelton said to the crowd. “This is one of my heroes, and he ought to be one of your heroes. Thank you so much for being here tonight, Randy. We all love you.” - Blake Shelton

See more of what Blake had to say in this heartwarming footage below.

Later that night, Shelton took to Twitter to thank Randy Travis and his other guests for making the night so special.

Randy Travis has a long road to recovery ahead, but I think I speak for all country music fans when I saw it was good to see him back on stage and smiling ear to ear.


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