First President Clinton pays a visit to WTAMU, and now the son of President Reagan will be speaking to the Amarillo residents.  Next month, Michael Reagan will be speaking about being a victim of child sexual abuse and part of the former president’s family.

It seems that the Amarillo area is being flooded with people that have ties with the white house.  On May 10th, former President Reagan's adopted son, Michael Reagan will be speaking at the Amarillo Globe News Center.

Reagan is a public speaker and founder of the Reagan Legacy Foundation.  This organization "works to advance causes that were important to Ronald Reagan and memorialize the accomplishments of his presidency," according to the organization’s website.

So what is he going to be doing in Amarillo? Arrow Child and Family Ministries in Amarillo is the group that is bringing Mr. Reagan in.  They are hosting the event to educate the community on the foster care services the organization provides, as well as the needs of children in foster care.

Reagan will share his story about being sexually abused in an after school program as a child.  He will also discuss his life as a Reagan.  The hope is to bring awareness to the fact that child sexual abuse can happen anywhere.  There is no zip code boundary or income status that it targets.

The event is also being held to show how the foster system works.  There are currently over 350 kids in Randall and Potter counties that are in foster care.  This kids often have a bad reputation, when in fact they are the victims.

This is a great cause with a lot of information attached.  The event will second as a fundraiser to help build a shelter for kids who are between foster homes and their home.  Tickets will be $35 and you can get them at