Oh get ready for a great Friday morning.  You need coffee right?  Well, have I got the plan for you!

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On Friday, February 18th, make plans to head to Dutch Bros Coffee.   "Why?" You may ask.  Well here's why, not only will you get an amazing cup of coffee, or whatever fancy thing you like to order from a coffee shop, but you'll be helping out the High Plains Food Ban,.

Dutch Bros Coffee is having their Dutch Luv Day.   For every coffee they sell, $1 will be donated to the High Plains Food Bank.  Now I know you love the way this sounds.  It's coffee, which you already planned on getting right?  And, it's helping a great cause.

Here's a trick.  Tell your boss, "I have a way for you to make an impact on Amarillo hunger, and make your employees happy at the same time.  Buy everyone coffee from Dutch Bros."

If you're lucky they will agree and you'll get coffee and help out the HPFB.  Now if your boss doesn't fall for it, make sure you just swing by there on your way to work or on break or on your way home.

Did you know that the HPFB can turn $1 into 14 meals?  They are magical like that.  Just think by buying one cup of coffee, you can help with 14 meals.

Again, you are getting your magical wake up potion, coffee, and the HPFB will be able to help feed those in Amarillo who are hungry.

Oh and if you're buying, my favorite is the 'Golden Eagle'.

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