In Scotty McCreery's forthcoming song "In Between," the former American Idol winner sings: "I'm not all holy water and I ain't all Jim Beam. I'm somewhere in between." But the wholesome country boy, who won Idol at age 17, shared a story with Taste of Country that's a little more Jim Beam than holy water ...

When McCreery was attending NC State University in Raleigh, he and his friends decided to throw a "gathering" that turned into one of NC State's biggest non-Greek ragers of all-time.

"We moved into a place; we called it the diamond," McCreery explains. "We thought it was a diamond in the rough, and really it was just the rough. It was no good. It was a dump, but our first weekend back at college, we had this party for my buddy, Bird. It was his 21st (birthday) party, but it was also a welcome back to school party and we thought it was just going to be 50-75 folks, word of mouth kind of thing ..."

"... I went upstairs at 9:30 to get a drink came back down like 10 minutes later and it went from like 50 to 75 to like three to four hundred people packed in this house," he continues.

The party got so big that the boys in blue made a surprise appearance.

"Cops came over at like 12:30 and they said, verbatim, 'We've got to give y’all a ticket, but this is impressive. This is the biggest party we’ve seen that wasn’t Greek at NC State.' I’m like, perfect! That’s great. Had a good time."

Party on, Scotty!

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