Scotty McCreery's new single "Five More Minutes" was inspired by the death of his paternal grandfather, Bill, who was Mike McCreery's father. The first time the country star played the song for his dad, he says it was emotional.

"Ol' Mike McCreery, he can be pretty sensitive," McCreery tells Taste of Country. "First time he heard it, there was a tear. I think I remember just playing it for him, I was in the truck with him."

"The first time I played it live, he was there," he adds. "My grandma was there too. I could barely even get through the third verse."

McCreery credits his grandfather for his unmistakable, deep voice Bill McCreery was 86 years old when he died on Jan. 11, 2015. The singer wrote "Five More Minutes" just a few weeks later, but says that his maternal grandfather's death (several years earlier) also influenced the verses and chorus, which were actually re-written (with Frank Rogers and Monty Criswell) four different times.

Mike McCreery still struggles with his emotions when he hears it, but performing the song has gotten easier for Scotty.

"I kinda feel like granddaddy is there with me," he says. "It might be weird but the spotlight coming down at every show it's almost like that's his light and he's kind of helping me. The third verse I'm always looking at the light."

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There are always tears in the audience. "Five More Minutes" has had a tremendous impact on his fans, and as it gathers more and more radio airplay, it's finding a place in the hearts of country fans who had yet to embrace the 2011 American Idol winner. He likes to think about the good times.

"I was lucky enough to have granddad around for 20-plus years so I consider myself lucky," he says. Both grandfathers are featured in the "Five More Minutes" music video, as is a fresh-faced Scotty from childhood.

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