Like most artists, Tyler Farr may have had some sub-par interviews over the course of his career, but this one has to take the cake. Farr did an interview with Nick Kessler from Albany’s WGNA, and let’s just say it was … uncomfortable.

Standing on a boat with the singer, the interviewer begins by admitting he doesn’t have a ton of training (that much is obvious), fumbling with his notes and his words. He digs around in a bag for a captain’s hat and skipper’s hat for the two to wear, dubbing the artist “Captain Farr,” which doesn’t go over well.

Farr eventually takes the hat off, declaring it looks weird, and waits for more questions. Unfortunately, Kessler has no interesting inquiries and asks mostly about movies featuring boats.

“Do any of these questions pertain to music?” Farr asks.

Kessler again sorts through his notes, and ends up simply naming some of Farr’s songs — but not even the most recent single, “Our Town.” The hilarious video continues in painful awkwardness, Kessler trying to make puns all the while, until it’s finally over, and Farr gives a reluctant thumbs-up.

"Our Town" is an anthem that unifies a community — a declarative statement on who they are. There’s an air of nostalgia blended with a bit of social commentary that is particularly poignant, considering the tense state of things in many areas of the country. It speaks what the town’s made of and the contrast between the description and what’s portrayed in the media.

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