America's Favorite Husband, Steve Trevino is coming to Amarillo for a one-night performance.

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I had a chance to talk with Steve about life, being a husband, being a day, and taking day-to-day life and using it for comedy.

When we first got on the phone together, he was talking about a baby that might cry in the background.

One of the things I admire about Steve Trevino is comedy is something he wanted to do from the beginning and worked his way up to the fame he has now.

When did you realize that married life and parent life were the perfect material for comedy?

I fell in love with my wife and in the beginning, I would just complain about how much I hated her for making me fall in love with her.

Your wife must be a good sport when it comes to all your material and is included in your material.

I am a below-average man married to an above-average woman. I can't live without her and she can live without me and that makes for an unbalanced relationship.

Growing up in Texas how different was it? I mean we are a different breed in Texas.

When I first started traveling it was shocking to me that grown men at night didn't wear cowboy boots.

Why is it so important to you to raise money for our veterans?

What are some of the things Amarillo can expect from your upcoming show?

Steve Trevino will be live at the Amarillo Civic Center Auditorium on Saturday, September 10th. Tickets are on sale now.

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