In case you've forgotten, we do have a film studio in Amarillo now. That film studio is the reason why you might have seen some Hollywood talent lurking and working around the panhandle.

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Sharpened Iron Studios, Making Movies In The Panhandle

Remember when Sharpened Iron Studios announced they would be setting up shop in Amarillo? I reached out and was able to speak with a member of the team at that time regarding their hopes and dreams for what the studio could be for this area.

At that time, they had several projects already in the works but were awfully stingy with the details. Some of those details have now become apparent.

Murder Mystery In Canyon, Claude, and Amarillo

It takes a little digging, but you can find a handful of articles written about the film "What Remains" being filmed in the area. According to reports, and multiple social media posts responding to confused citizenry, filming has been taking place in Amarillo, Canyon, and Claude.

Redemption On The High Plains

Supposedly, the film is a murder mystery that will focus on the relationship between a preacher and a convict. That relationship causes some problems, and winds up leading to some "unexpected consequences" according to

Variety gave a run down on the stars of the film in an exclusive. Among the names listed was Anne Heche.

Hopefully This Is Just The Start

Hopefully this is just the tip of the iceberg for what Sharpened Iron Studios has planned for the area. I'm pretty sure, that if you were to ask them, they'd say that they're just getting started.

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