Shenandoah's 2018 live album, Reloaded, features live performances of some of the '90s country band's biggest hits, as well as three brand-new songs: "Noise," "That's Where I Grew Up" and "Little Bit of Livin'," each produced by Jay DeMarcus. Written by Gordie Sampson, Jim McCormick and Radney Foster, "Noise" is a song that, Shenandoah lead singer Marty Raybon says, "sounded like a hit" from first listen.

Below, Raybon tells The Boot about Shenandoah's decision to record "Noise" and DeMarcus' mark on the track.

What I recall about hearing the demo of "Noise" for the first time [is], for me, it sounded like a hit. When the chorus hits the first line -- "When we kiss, the world outside is gone" -- I’ll have to say, that sold me. The production sounded like a record. I think we all had thoughts, even at that time, of it being the first single.

It’s just one of those tunes, when you hear it, as an artist, you get that feeling that it works. You can hear yourself singing it. It sounds like a tune you would have already recorded years ago. A few years have passed since we’d been in a recording session together. But I say this, not trying to sound cliche, but things just fell right where they belonged. After working with each other for so many years and believing in everyone’s ability -- you can almost hear them doing their part even before it happens.

Jay DeMarcus, being an artist himself, coming from a band-type situation, was a big influence. Understanding what he was looking for from each of us helped with the direction -- not only on this song, but the others as well -- and, to me, [he] was nothing short of brilliant. He’s sonically minded to hear the tones that work great over a melody; there is craftsmanship to that. I do believe he took what he believed in us and made in sound like Shenandoah up to date.

Marty Raybon Talks More About "Noise"

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