I don't know why, but people to surprise me on a daily basis.  Yesterday, I ran into an incident that deeply disturbed me and it had to  do with a baby. 

Last night was date for my son and I.  We always try and go to a nice restaurant and usually there is a bar in it.  Well, as we were waiting to be seated I noticed a lady walk in that had a tiny baby with her.  They walked right past us to the bar.

I didn't jump to any conclusions, I mean she could have been waiting for a table.  She ordered a drink and by the time we were seated she was on her 2nd drink and her baby was on the bar stool right next to her.  I still was kind of optimistic about the whole situation.  I mean it's not a crime to let loose and have a drink now and again.

During our meal, I took my son to the restroom and she was still at the bar guzzling her drinks.  I began to be a little concerned.  Not for her, but for her baby.  They were solo so that meant she would have to drive them home.

We went to sit back down and finish our dinner.  As we were getting ready to leave, I heard a baby start to cry.  As we past the bar area, it was that ladies baby.  Instead of tending to her baby, she just kept drinking.

This really upset me.  I felt divided on what to do:  First off, it's not my business.  Second, there is an innocent baby there.  So I did what I thought was best.  I sent my hubby and son to the car and approached her.

I said is this your baby and she said yes, but it's good to let them cry.  She then shoved a pacifier in poor baby's mouth and continued to chug her drink.  I then told her that I was concerned on how they were going to get home and that I'd be willing to pay for a cab.

She got defensive and said that she was perfectly fine to drive and didn't need me butting in.  I told the bartender that it was obvious she was tipsy and I left him money to call her a cab.

It made me think about how often people sit at a bar with their babies.  Do you think that it should be allowed?

Do you think I did the right thing by approaching her or should I have minded my own business?

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