If you think you have mastered the art of pouring beer, you are about to find out you are wrong.

If you have thrown a party or BBQ, worked a bar or just had a few friends over for a few drinks you know that when you pour a beer you tilt the glass. This prevents a bunch of foam at the top of the glass. But if you are too careful, you might make yourself feel bloated later in the party.

Why would this happen? Well, let’s break it down with a little science.

Having no foam means you can drink your beer faster, and you get more beer in each glass. But there will be a lot of carbon dioxide in it.

With all those bubbles, that means there will be a lot of popping bubbles in your belly. The gas in your stomach will expand. The total volume of the gas in a beer is about two and half times the volume of the actual liquid.

Basically, you’ll feel a lot less bloated if you let some of the bubbles pop before you drink it. Do not worry. There still will be plenty of bubbles so your beer will not go flat.

You should still pour down the side of the glass, just don't be too careful about it. In a pint glass, aim for about two inches of foam.

It's especially important if you're also eating, because when the food hits your stomach, it reacts with the beer and releases even more CO2. So, then you end up even more anbloated.

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