Many Texans and others throughout the United States are facing uncertainty when it comes to straight teeth.  Smile Direct has left thousands of customers in limbo.

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Smile Direct Abruptly Shutdown Operations

Smile Direct filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection earlier in the year, however on December 8th the company closed.

Smile Direct was a company that used aligners to straighten teeth instead of braces.  Customers work with a dentist, Smile Direct Dentist, or the kit sent directly to take molds of their teeth.  The molds are then sent back to Smile Direct to create a set of aligners that would straighten their teeth over time.

If you visit the Smile Direct website all you will find is a FAQ page.

What does this mean for customers?

It means that customers will not be able to continue aligning their teeth with Smile Direct.  If you placed an order with Smile Direct for their aligners, all orders were canceled and you will not be receiving your order.

Is my dentist still available?

If you were receiving treatment through one of the Smile Direct doctors, that doctor is no longer available through Smile Direct.  You can consult that doctor directly or find a local dentist.

Will I still have to pay the company what I owe them?

If you were on a plan with Smile Direct and making payments, you are still expected to make those payments until you are paid in full.

What about the guarantee?

Your lifetime smile guarantee is no longer valid.  Since the company no longer exists they cannot guarantee the straightness of your teeth.

How do you get a refund?

Unfortunately, the company is still tied up in the bankruptcy process.  You should receive information and the next steps and measures you can take to recoup your money.

Once a company goes bankrupt those that it owes money become a creditor.   Then you will go into a line of creditors who wait to be paid, most of the time, those that are taken care of first are the ones owed wages.  Then it trickles down.

You may or may not ever receive a refund.

Let's face it when a business goes under it stinks for the customers.  The customers become the ones who suffer and have to jump through hoops to get their money refunded.  When it comes to something like straightening your teeth, that customer now has to find another provider and pay even more money.

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