Have you ever noticed someone's social media posts suddenly changing? And then they end up breaking up with their significant other? The University of Texas noticed this. They recently went to the "BreakUps" subreddit and tracked users social media posts. They noticed a pattern of posts changing around 3 months before an actual breakup happened.

The one big changes that happens is the use of more self-focused words like "I", "me", and "mine." This is a sign that you are already starting to think about yourself more singularly and is the first step toward the breakup. The researchers said:

there are signs you've already started to disengage from your partner weeks ahead of time . . . [so] if you notice you're using more self-focused words, it might be a sign you've already made up your mind.

Another changes that starts to happen is you begin to think more emotionally and less analytically. You know exactly what I'm talking about too. You've seen this happen more than a few times with your friends on social media. Here are some clear-cut signs that someone is already distancing themselves from their significant other.

  • Their profile picture switches from something with their significant other to a selfie.
  • They start posting what they believe are "motivational" memes that tend to lean toward the "be your own person" or "growing as a person" theme.
  • They start liking more posts from other people they normally wouldn't like on social media. If it's a straight woman, she'll start liking more posts of guys she is most likely thirsting for.


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