We are approaching the birth of our nation. The great day that we want to go out and celebrate America. Of course I am talking about the Fourth of July. Here we are a few days away and the celebrations are happening this year.

I was having a discussion earlier with some friends about the celebration. Canyon made the announcement earlier that yes they will be celebrating in the style we are used to. There will be the Pancake Breakfast for the Lion's Club. There will be the traditional Fair on the Square. Of course you can see Townsquare Media and many other businesses in the Fourth of July Parade. Oh and the night will cap off with the great firework display.

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It's great to see the celebrations happening again. When Canyon made the announcement that they were having the celebration but having it on the third instead I waited for the fallout. I waited for everyone to start complaining.

I mean that is exactly what was done when Amarillo moved their celebrations. If you don't believe me check it out from more than two years ago. On social media there was nothing but complaints. We heard how Amarillo was not celebrating on the 4th how could that be? We heard how that wasn't American to have it on a different date. We heard the question "Are they going to move Christmas next?"  All everyone did was complain.

Remember we do live in one of the greatest lands and with that freedom we have the right to complain, I guess. Our communities also have the right to not spend the money on these great celebrations for us. We should just be happy that they are happening. Whenever the date is.

I applaud everyone for not getting on social media and arguing about Canyon having the celebration on the third. I really do. Do you think we finally came to the realization that any celebration is better than the lack of ANY celebrations like last year?

Is that what finally chilled us out? I believe that may have something to do with it but I will say I am proud to be part of these great communities that finally agree to see the bigger picture.

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